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  • Effective Innovation: Invention and innovation are different. Using invention methods to innovate is ineffective. Learning Effective Innovation has been difficult in the past, but Objective Experiments makes it easy.
  • Effective Innovation Using DOE: Design of Experiments gives you the most information at the lowest cost with the least amount of work. This white paper presents three industry examples, from Hewlett Packard, Lexmark International and Monsanto.
  • What's Wrong With One-Factor‐at‐a‐Time? One-Factor‐at‐a‐Time is the most common experimental methodology, but it has significant weaknesses: it's subjective, restricted and ignores factor interactions. Using a model corrects these shortcomings.
  • Is Your Product Reliable? Engineers can now measure product reliability and life, to design more reliable products. This white paper features three industry examples of Reliability Analysis.
  • What on Earth is a Weibull? Reliability analysis is essential to developing and manufacturing quality products. The Weibull Distribution is a powerful tool for measuring variations in production reliability and predicting product life, so you can make more informed decisions.
  • Can You Trust Your Measurement System? If your data is important, then you should perform a Measurement System Analysis (MSA) to ensure its accuracy. Three real-world examples describe measuring surface tension for inks, copper thickness for printed circuit boards and diamond cutter wear.
  • For Your Measurement System, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Gage Performance Curves provide a way to communicate the results of your MSA so that others can easily understand your results.

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