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Objective Experiments teaches engineers, chemists, and other process and product professionals how to use Design of Experiments (DOE or DoX) and evaluate measurement systems. You'll learn practical tools to reduce the time it takes to get a product from the lab to production. Plus, the time involved in getting answers decreases—and quality increases.

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Theories have limitations. Data can be trusted.

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Objective Experiments (DOE, DoX)

Which is right for me?
Objective Experiments Strategies
Objective Experiments Strategies for Biotech
Objective Experiment Strategies for Chemistry
Customized Design of Experiments Workshop

Measurement System Analysis

Which is right for me?
Practical Measurement System Analysis—EMP (EMP)
Practical Measurement System Analysis—GR&R (Gage R&R)

Background Fundamentals

Basic Statistics for Industry
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
SPC Boot‐Camp

Advanced Problem Solving

Objective Experiments for Mixtures & Discrete Factors
Design of Experiments for Non-Normal Data
Objective Lean Strategies

Workshops are offered as on‐site classes or virtually via Zoom.

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